Old Brampton and Linacre (16th April 2024)

I couldn’t make the walk but one of the walk leaders, Joe, has given me a few pointers.

There were 23 people on the walk, which is another excellent turnout. Joe mentioned that many of the group weren’t familiar with the particular entrance to Holmebrook Valley Park that we used for our start point. This could be because some Dronfield folk may only have been through the park as part of the North Chesterfield Way which by-passes the main entrance – just a thought.

The walk went past the lake and out through the Brookfield estate to avoid excessive mud, taking the group to Old Brampton with its 63 minute dialled clock face, back through Linacre and out through the Peacock Pub car park. The final section of the walk was down the road through Cuttthorpe picking up a path back to the park. The weather was very kind, no rain and light wind.

Many thanks to Joe and Barry for leading the walk, which everyone enjoyed.

Here are some photos that Graham took on the walk.