Hedgerow flowers, hops and a quiz


Walk Details

Thursday 30th May 2024

7 pm

4.25 miles (6.8 km)

Peter Carr


Meeting Point

Hyde Park Inn Public House
Hilltop Road
Dronfield S18 1UH
Car parking at Hyde Park public house or nearby roads


SK 3507 7764


Holmesfield and Cowley Circular


Update from the walk leader following a recce on the 25th May.

There are 3 stiles on the walk, one of which is a wall stile (in Cartledge). Some other stiles are metal step-throughs which are often found in the Homesfield area. 

Some surfaces in the shade are a little greasy with the odd patch of mud. On one short section of about 20 metres the nettles and brambles are encroaching.

Given the rain forecast this week it’s not going to improve.

There is the option to take part in the quiz at the pub after the walk.