Unthank, Moorhall & Rumbling Street

Walk Details

Tuesday 2nd July 2024

10 am

4.5 miles (7.2 km)

Steve & Ros

20 (not difficult)

Meeting Point

Small car park
Bottom of Millthorpe Lane (by Millthorpe Nursery)
S18 7SA


SK 3175 7645



The parking area for Tuesday’s walk is the small car park at the bottom of Millthorpe Lane where there is room for around 12 cars if no one else gets there first. There is also a small lay-by on the main road at the bottom for another 4 cars. Then there is the possibility of double parking if we are still struggling. It would be a great help if anyone coming on the walk could consider car sharing.

An alternative would be to use the No. 16 Dronfield – Broomfield bus which you can catch at the Civic Centre and which drops off in Millthorpe Village.

9:36 Dronfield Civic Centre
9:51 Millthorpe Village

13:33 Millthorpe New Road
13:47 Dronfield Civic Centre

For the return journey there are buses at approx hourly intervals. 

Check out the full timetable at 


According to their Facebook page, the Royal Oak will be open and serving food on Tuesday.