Old Whittington and Hundall Circular (30th March 2024)

Fourteen walkers and one dog met opposite the old Riverside Garden Centre in readiness for Clive and Judy’s annual Easter walk. This area between Unstone and the outskirts of Chesterfield is known as the The Brushes but I think only the locals use that name these days.

The first part of the walk took us across the Midland Mainline railway line and through farmland to join up with Church Street North in Old Whittington. A few of our party had taken the road option to get to Old Whittington rather than the muddy option through the fields but our meet up with them at St Bartholomew’s church couldn’t have been better timed. From here we climbed steadily across fields to the bench by the entrance to Grasscroft Wood. I suspected there could be some jostling for position on the way up but it turned out to be all very civilised. Here we stopped for a break and Judy handed out the chocolates (thanks Judy, they were very welcome)

Our next target was the hamlet of West Handley which marked the furthest point from where we started. We paused at various points to admire some of the lovely old buildings in this area. We next crossed back over Long Lane, heading for Hundall. On reaching Hundall, I left the party as I had urgent business to attend to but on the way back to my home I could hear horns hooting from the charity tractor run that passes through Hundall, Hopefully our group were able to see them.

From past experience I know that the walk continues down to Unstone Green and then along the river Drone to join up with Sheffield Road and back to the start.

Many thanks to Clive and Judy for leading us on the walk.