Big Moor Circular (17th June 2023)

A small but select group of walkers met at Shillito Woods car park in readiness for a 5 mile walk on the Eastern Moors.

Our first port of call was an ancient stone cross in Shillito Woods. Joe pointed out that the cross is unusual in that it is set in a square socket hole. You can read more about the cross here

After walking for a short time on a quiet country lane we detoured to visit a companion stone. This was the first of three that we visited on the walk. The companion stones are a relatively recent accompaniment to the Guide Stoops in the Derbyshire Moorlands, setup to guide travellers through treacherous moorlands. The companion stones also hold directions. Not to the safety of ancient market towns but for an equally perilous journey that we take into the future. (These profound words were copied from the companionstones website where you can read more by clicking here) The three stones that we visited are known as “Shillito Wood”, “Barbrook East” and “Deadshaw Sick”

After passing the former Ramsley Reservoir we crossed the A621 and joined a path taking us to Barbrook Reservoir. Before reaching the reservoir there is a path that leads you to a sone circle, but on this occasion we chose not to do the “out and back” to view it. Crossing the A621 for a second time marked the end of the open moorland section of the walk. Instead, we walked through Greaves Piece, a gently downhill section through a lightly wooded area that eventually joins up with Carr Road. Owing to the very dry weather we have had we were able to take a lovely path on the opposite side of the brook to Hewetts Bank. This path took us all the way back to Shillito Woods.

Thanks to Joe Kelsall for leading us on this walk which had superb views throughout.