Unthank, Moorhall and Rumbling Street (1st June 2023)

Eleven walkers gathered in the parking area at the bottom of Millthorpe Lane. Although a little cool and cloudy the conditions were perfectly fine for walking. Our first port of call was the hamlet of Unthank. Durning a brief catch-up we debated the origin of the place name “Unthank” and luckily Peter Carr was able to help out. The name derived from the old English  word unpanc , the word denoted a piece of land held ‘against the will’ or ‘without the consent’ of its lawful owner. In most cases it meant originally a squatter’s holding.

After passing through the eerie Meekfield Wood we continued on to Moorhall and Grange Wood. At this point we started our homeward leg of the walk. After a brief stretch on Far Lane we reached the splendidly named hamlet of Rumbling Street. Here we took a left turn, heading for Johnnygate and the paths leading us back to Millthorpe. Looking at the elevation profile on my phone it was clear that the first half of the walk was all uphill and the second half all downhill, which I think is the best way.

Many thanks to Steve Sadler for leading this very enjoyable 4 mile walk.