Plumbley, Ridgeway, Carterhall, Ryalls Wood and Geer Lane (26th March 2023)

We had a great 6 mile walk starting from the Bridge Inn at Ford on Sunday. Here’s what our walk leader Angela had to say about it.
There were just ten of us and the weather was a lot better than was forecast. The first part was all uphill, from Ford up to High Lane, then we walked to the war memorial in Ridgeway for our coffee break. All the metal from the memorial was stolen in 2010, the sundial hasn’t been replaced and the names are now in stone. It has several benches, we could all sit to drink our tea & coffee while a bumblebee made a tour of the spring flowers.

After that we headed towards Carterhall Farm, along Robin Brook where we admired the flowers on the blackthorn bushes, and visited a tree planted as a memorial to two young people who died in a car crash on High Lane in 1996.
The bridle paths through Ryall’s Wood were very muddy, but after all the rain we’ve had recently the whole route wasn’t too bad. On the way back to the car park we saw two white geese so I took a photo of them too.

No one got lost and some went to the pub afterwards. Thanks to everyone who came for a walk with me, I know that some of the paths were new to you. It used to be one of my regular weekend walks when I lived nearby.