Walk from Callywhite Lane

Karen Brightmore led us on a very pleasant wander, along from Callywhite to Metapic, then along the lower boardwalk (careful here, there are some damaged boards, which DCC knows about) past the back of the Drone Valley Brewery (open Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons) then up to The Unstone Line. A haunted area, because sometimes, when walking along what used to be a busy branch line, you can hear a train going by….scary or what? Along the top boardwalk, then up the fields to Summerley, where we stopped top catch our breath, and chat. Then onwards and upwards, across the fields to The Sledging Field, down through F**th Woods and back. Nice weather, great company…you will see from the map (that looks like a kangaroo!) that I was a bit late switching Map My Walk app on, and again, a bit late turning it off!