Chesterfield walking festival (May 2019)

This is not meant to be a comprehensive report about the week, but hopefully will contain meanderings and pics from any DFBS member who has taken part.

Jane and I went on the New Bolsover walk on Tuesday 14th…and enjoyed a highly informative walk around New Bolsover Model Village, saw all the improvements being made, met some locals, and had a good walk around the nearby nature reserve.

Today’s walk, Wednesday 15th, was a highly informative walk around the Washlands Nature Reserve.Looked after by the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, our guide told us so much about the history of this area, and how it had been transformed from one of the most polluted sites in Western Europe to this valuable reserve. Sandmartins nesting, crested newts, even a fox was spotted on the prowl..

Karen and Philip took part in the Stephenson Walk,
Just one photo from the top of Tapton golf course over to the town

They also walked at Hardwick Hall:
Sorry only one photo connected to the walk but great bonus as we finished!

Joe Kelsall led a walk from the Big Layby along the Unstone Line, and around the Peak Resort. Pics from Kaz Brightmore.