Barlow circular (1st February 2020)

Saturday 1st February: an Angela Land walk

She writes: 26 walkers set off from the big lay-by between Dronfield and Unstone on a beautiful sunny morning, we could have done with a bit less wind but otherwise the weather was perfect. Our route took us across the road past Unstone Hall and uphill to Ouzle Bank Cottage, we reached the edge of Hallowes golf course and turned to cross the A61 using the footbridge with the curly end. From there we walked through Monk Wood (which was a lot prettier with more trees in it) and through some soggy fields before stopping for tea / coffee at Barlow Brook. We passed the entrance to Barlow Fishery and used a bridleway to get to Barlow Lees Lane, then turned up quite a steep hill back to Monk Wood, the curly bridge, then through the golf course and through the literary part of Dronfield to get to the last two fields downhill back to the lay-by.

We heard a lot of shooting, I heard some grumbling that we had walked far more uphill than down, and I moaned a lot about the stiles being generally too high for short people to get over easily before I fell off one of them.

I told everyone that the walk was 6 miles long but it was really 6.2 miles, most of it apparently uphill. I only took one photo, this was the steepest uphill bit.

Richard’s photos of the trail to Barlow and back via Hallowes