Holmesfield and the Spitfire (14th January 2020)

Tuesday 14th January:

I was pleasantly surprised that there were 12 of us out on today’s 4.5 mile walk, as it was very gloomy and storms forecast for later in the morning. In the event , it remained dry for about half of the walk and then rained steadily for our return leg. We were all expecting poor weather and well clad and shod to defy the elements. We left Dronfield Woodhouse on the path beside the former Methodist Chapel -rather muddy in places , but not unexpected and went down the hill and along the edge of Holmesfield Park Wood,again quiet muddy and slippery. Then on past Woodthorpe Hall. Underfoot conditions were quite poor and we intended to follow the footpath that runs parallel to the very wet bridleway to the Shepley Spitfire pub.Unfortunately our path was deliberately obstructed in 2 places and at a 3rd point blocked  again, this time by a fallen tree. Part of the path was also ploughed right to the hedge, so I have reported it all to the County Council Rights of Way Team [ pictures attached]. Fortunately the bridleway was close by and we were able to splash our way along without too much difficulty. From the Spitfire we took the  dry and well surfaced bridleway up the hill to Tinkers Corner at Bradway and returned to our starting point along Northern  Common and Barnes Lane.

David Blackburn

I was planning on joining the group, and was travelling to the start on a 43, but it was sadly delayed by a few minutes, so I missed out. I walked on a different route, along the part of the Round Walk we look after, which was very, very muddy in places. Spotted these funny looking horses in a field. Richard S