Moss Valley circular (12th November 2019)

Tuesday 12th November, words and pics by Kaz Brightmore

7 intrepid walkers set off after tea and tea cakes at the Wesleyan Church on a very wet morning. However as we started to walk the clouds parted and apart from a very small shower we walked in full sun!
We took the easier!! Route down Owler Carr Lane, which in places had been almost washed away. Crossed the new bridge( beneath us a raging torrent) and up to Povey Farm where we had a coffee stop. The farmer came out to see us to inform us that one of the bridges crossing the stream in the valley bottom had been washed away!
Onwards we went still keeping our boots relatively clean. Then made our way up to Hazelbarrow Farm. From then on it just got muddier but we all stayed upright eventually coming to our last bridge to cross. Said bridge had a notice… Bridge Damaged…do not cross! We all went individually and made it! Almost back, all in one piece if a little muddy! Adrian confirmed we had completed a (very enjoyable) 5.2 mile walk.