Hundall and West Handley (18th July 2019)

Thursday 18th July: an Angela Land walk.

Report and pics by Angela..

This is what we got up to on our Thursday evening walk on 18th July 2019.

I had a quick check to see if the forbidden footbridge of footpath seventeen was safe to use, then went over to the Fred Hopkinson Memorial Hall to meet our group of walkers. The weather was fine, it was sunny and clear without being too hot, just right for the eighteen of us who set off shortly after 7pm

We walked along the track towards Ramshaw Lodge, crossed the forbidden footbridge of path seventeen and walked up the hill towards the Miners Arms. It was a close thing but everyone managed to resist the urge to call in for refreshment and we went along the bridle path to get to our first wood, Stubbing. It’s lovely at any time of year, but perhaps at its best in May when the bluebells are out.

After that we visited West Handley and had our tea break on a patch of grass by the entrance of a field. From there we had fantastic views over Chesterfield and beyond, with Bolsover Castle standing out particularly well. After our break we walked along the sides of fields of wheat and barley, which we decided were actually fields of bread and beer, to get to our second wood, Binkley. It’s small but beautiful, with a stream at the bottom and an impressive set of stone steps to climb out of the wood.

Onwards to Slag Lane, Long Lane and over to Spring Wood which at times doubles as a 4×4 play area, and through a field to get to Grasscroft Wood. This wood has an industrial past, with bell mines hidden in the undergrowth. The path through this wood took us to Windmill Lane, which we crossed to walk downhill to Ramshaw Wood. We once more used footpath seventeen to return to our starting point. There I counted our group and found that we had exactly the same number as we had started with. I might have been spotted doing a little victory dance, having lost so many on my previous walk.

The paths were really good, we didn’t have to battle through nettles or brambles. There were mysterious orange arrows painted on the ground at various points. I suspect that those who set up the orange arrow route had cut down the vegetation that can make the paths a bit challenging.

Thanks to all who shared my walk, it was a lovely evening. We must do it again sometime.

Some photos of the forbidden footbridge, a mysterious orange arrow, and walkers in woods and a beer field. Sorry about the quality, some are fuzzy, I am not good at photos.