Not really a pub crawl walk (13th July 2019)

Saturday 13th July: a ‘Not Really a Pub Crawl’ walk

Led by Richard S. He leads these walks because it gets him to the pub(s) first, and by the time the rest of the group get there, he is halfway down his first pint! 15 started from the Big Lay by, to stop fairly soon at the Drone Valley Brewery. We drank tea and coffee, ate chocolate biscuits, while Bernard Addy told us about the history of the brewery, and its benefits to the community. We walked on, and up, and up a bit more up until we summited at Apperknowle International Airfield, then downhill, along to the first stop at The Gate Inn, Troway. A nice welcome from Andy, nice choice of ales, and a welcome sit in the garden. Battling on, the leaders thought they had lost most of the walkers, but soon saw them battling through the overgrown undergrowth to reappear on the Eckington Road, near the Inn at Troway (RIP) A steady walk along the bridlepath to Apperknowle, and a welcome pint, pie and cheese lunch taken with superb views over the surrounding countryside. Downwards now, via a quickb chat at the Apperknowle Well Dressing, to walk along the old tramway, to return to the Brewerey, for a swift rehydration session. All too soon, the session finished, and we all wended our way to our respective homes. A good day out.