Ridgeway walk (June 29th 2019)

Saturday 29th walk: from Ridgeway

A Graham Gill walk, with slight variations. Starting from near The Swan, we wandered through the churchyard only to find the exit gate firmly shut. Wandering back out the way we came, and further down the road, turned right, on a footpath that would take us to the ford at Sloade Lane. Going past the gate from the other side, temptation proved too much, and a strong push opened it! We carried on, up the lane, across the fields to the first water stop at Geer Lane. Along the Moss Valley trail, and a very welcome coffee and cake stop at Eckington’s Church Farm tea room. This meant that the return journey would be uphill, but Graham assured us ‘It won’t be steep.’ I walked a lot of the way with Graham, and he always points out and names the interesting butterflies, moths, birds and plants. I just wish I could remember even half of them! So, starting out with 19 walkers, losing 2 to the bus home at Eckington, 4 more to a taxi at Plumley, the rest of us managed the 7 miles on what must have been the hottest day of the year! Some lunched at The Swan, a great place to finish a walk.