The Unstone line (2nd February 2019)

17 intrepid walkers set off this morning, 2nd Feb, for a beautiful snowy walk along the Unstone Line, through FIRTHWOOD, up the ‘sledging field’, through a very picturesque Summerley and down onto another section of the Unstone Line. Almost all returning to our cars. Someone found it too much of a strain to pass the Dronfield Brewery on the return as they are now open on a Saturday for drinkers as well as purchases.

First stop was Metapic Wood and all the interesting works of Art! Our next stop in FIRTHWOOD was the small pond believed to be formed by extraction of clay during the 19th Century for the local brick works.
A few paces from there is The Field, owned by the Guides but had been used during the First World War as a camp for prisoners of war. Having climbed to the top of the sledging field we stopped for drinks and to admire the view. Through Summerley and along the old Bridleway then down the fields for more history along the old branch line that served collieries in the area. Further along we could see the arch-topped brick remnants of the old mineral railway line and the stone which was engraved with Unstone Colliery 1912. 

and Graham’s photos:

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