Not really a pub crawl walk (23rd June 2018)

Saturday 23rd June: the ‘Not Really a Pub Crawl’ walk

A dozen keen walkers, including two visitors to the group, set out from the Big Layby, first port of call was to have a photo shoot at the eventually fixed and reboarded boardwalk.

Next, we called in at the nearby Drone Valley Brewery. Many thanks to Jez Horton for setting this up, and especial thanks to Dave MacLaren who guided us through the brewing process, showing samples of the various malts, hops, yeast etc. Culminating in a brief tasting, we saw we had spent almost an hour there! Much appreciated… hope the DVB signs up more new members from this trip.

From there, the walk along the upper board walk, Summerley, past the airfield, some of us went to The Gate at Troway, whilst others went to the nearby coffee shop. After  a half an hour rest, we struggled onwards and upwards through nettles, sticky weeds (you know the sort!) more nettles, and some of the walkers looked like they were surrendering!

We eventually arrived at the Travellers, at Apperknowle, where we all went our separate ways…. after a drink of course! I hope our two visitors will join us on future walks, though we cannot promise as many nettles or brambles!

On the walk, we spotted various interesting things: a Common Spotted Orchid, a Bird’s Foot Trefoil, a partridge nest (recently vacated) a passion flower, and a new road warning sign. (great to have Graham with us, his knowledge is extensive!)