Moss Valley circular (12th June 2018)

Tuesday 12th June:

Here is report of today’s walk: led by Barry Jex…..A group of 16 of us set off from Coal Aston in cool weather that gradually turned into a pleasant day for a hike. We covered nearly six miles in the Moss Valley along field paths, roads and woodland trails.  We took a brief coffee stop on the hill by Povey Farm before tackling the infamous Eckington no. 10 footpath across the fields.  The farmer had kindly cleared a path through the first two fields but than we had to rely on straight line walking to cover the next two fields of crops before we got onto familiar territory and strolled through Long Wood and Norwood back to the starting point.  The highlight for us was when one of the group attempted to swim across the Moss Book – once again Eckington no.10 – and then bravely walked the rest of the way with soggy clothes and with waterproof boots that held the water in rather than keeping it out!