Group to maintain a section of the Dronfield Round Walk

The Round Dronfield Walk

As most of you may be aware there is a push to get the round walk back up to scratch, replacing broken styles and signs and clearing annual growth from the path.
It has been split into 10 sections with a person or persons agreeing to maintain their section. I have agreed on behalf of the DFBS to maintain section I which is from Dunston Farm to Bowshaw Farm (just before you go under the Dronfield Bypass).
It is hoped that at least once a year we can get a group together to cut back the weeds Etc and also report back to the team at The Barn any major issues.
We did a clean up session and were grateful for  members who could spare just a couple of hours to help.We were responsible for our own safety and brought along an variety of useful tools.
We met at the end of Barnes Avenue near The Talbot.
Any questions please feel free to email me at
Thank you