Not a pub crawl walk (18th November 2017)

 Saturday 18th November, the Not a Pubcrawl Walk. Started later than usual, so that the Gate at Troway would be open, just in case one or two of the walkers needed a glass of water….. or something. 14 of us started out from the Big Layby, which soon became 16, then 18. Pleasant trek up towards Summerley, the “Village with No Name”, the Parish Council have asked for village signs to be provided, but those higher up the political chain have said “NO, there are only 6 houses”. Ongoing….

So, along the aerodrome, over the fields, through the woods, and there was The Gate. Respite here, then up and up, along the bridleway to arrive, tongues hanging out, at the Corner Pin…. ie. the Travs at Apperknowle. A refreshing sit down, some had to wait while others enjoyed the amber liquid. We said bye bye to a few walkers, so the smaller, and maybe faster group wended its weary way to Hundall, and carelessly tripped over another welcoming hostelry. The dogs needed a break…. We were by now, a very small group, just 5, and after a good chat, rolled down the hill, and back to the Big Layby. Thanks to all for being so enthusiastic, we must do it again!!!! SOON!!! Thanks to Graham for snapping these: