Not really a pub crawl (15th July 2017)

Saturday 15th July, the ‘not really a pub crawl walk’ starting at the Big Layby. Just half a dozen of us, including a brand new member, or rather she will be when she gets her form and fiver to us…. welcome Katrina.. we started the long slog uphill, via  Summerley, and walked alongside the main runway of Apperknowle International Airport. Very quiet, no arrivals or departures… by this time, our legs and feet were quite damp, but we made our way over the fields and eventually arrived at the Gate Inn at Troway which had just opened. Suitable watered, we wended our way oer fields and meadows, then battled our way through shoulder high nettles and inpenetrable bracken to arrive at the main road. We crossed safely, and almost ran along the byway to Apperknowle, where we had a nice sit down, and another pint, outside the Travs. This heralded the end of the walk, leaving us to make our way unsteadily downhill, and home. Thanks to all who came along, inc the pooch.