Summerley circular (4th February 2017)

Saturday 4th February: a walk and quiz led by Richard Smith started at Unstone Parish Hall, 24 participants including 4 new members, along the Unstone line, the old railway line that was used to carry coal from the local mines. First call was to the Drone Valley Brewery, and we were welcomed by Jez Horton, who gave a superb descriptive talk, and showed us around. Onwards via Metapic Wood, Frith Wood, and up to Summerley. On the descent from Summerley, we were intriged by a snapping sound, which we tracked down to a short circuit from the electric cattle fence, sparking to a tree stump. Later, back on the boardwalk back along the old railway line, Graham Gill spotted some Scarlet Elf Cup fungi, photographed by Mick Fairest. Back at the Hall  the quiz sheets were marked, and Graham told us he’d spotted 16 different birds en route. New members Steve and Sonia won the quiz!