Cordwell Valley (25th October 2015)

And on to the second walk of the season, Saturday 24th October, led by stalwart Peter Carr, where a walk around the Cordwell Valley had been planned. I was sorry I could not join in, but Peter writes:
There were four hardy walkers that ignored the forecast of heavy rain and wind to be lead on a very enjoyable 5 mile walk by Peter from Millthorpe taking in Unthank, Meekfield Wood, Moorhall, Barlow Grange, Barlow Woodseats and Jonnygate. The rain and wind never really materialised as was forecast meaning that the autumn colours of this part of the Cordwell Valley did not disappoint. Coffee stop was in a little piece of woodland near Grangewood Farm which gave us some shelter (and Adrian time to sort out some arrangements around his tumble dryer). With the elements abated we carried on. Snippets of local history were discussed such as the air crash in 1970 in Stripes Wood (a woodland we had passed through) and the still missing ejector seat from the crashed McDonnell-Douglas RF-4C Phantom II. Glyn was always on hand to add a little more detail to the mix. We passed through the cruck barn being renovated at Barlow Woodseats Hall, where, when it’s finished you’ll be able to hold a function such as a wedding. As ever, Graham was able to give us a bit more information on how the barn was put together and has managed to stand there for 600 years. If only the planners of the 1960’s had learned those lessons! We finished by 12.40pm with plenty of time to watch the World Cup rugby.Regards, Peter