Monk Wood and Barlow Ponds (9th July 2015)

Thursday evening walk, 9th July

Richard Armstrong led 33 walkers (is this a record?) from the Hyde Park Inn, on Hilltop Road, along the aformentioned road, through Hallowes Golf Club, across the bypass, through Monk Wood and down to Barlow Fish ponds. Every downhill means an uphill, but there were no complaints, certainly not on this fine sunny wind-free evening, as we wended our way back ‘home’. A delightful 5 mile walk, marred only by one of the walkers, not mentioning her name, who took a nasty fall on a tree root. This particular part of the track was quite rough, and not helped by the strong, low sunshine effectively making the pathway darker. I didn’t stay at the Hyde Park afterwards, but hope that some of the walkers won the pub quiz!!

and this from one of the walks leaders: Ros Sadler.

So far all our walks have been blessed with good weather, and as you can see from the photos we are learning, and visiting interesting places along the way.  Thanks again to all our walk leaders for all the brilliant walks we have enjoyed so far.
Ros & Steve.

An earlier report

So far we have had 4 very good walks, but calling it summer is a bit of an understatement, as you can see from our woolly hats and gloves. Still it was dry company good and lovely wild flowers. So plenty more to go, we look forward to seeing you on the future walks. Two photos to inspire you. Ros.